Last updated on: 9/24/2013
Photo Album
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(Note: These carvings have already gone to new homes! - not for sale)
"Nature Smiles"
"Christmas Drape"
"Woodland Dream"
"Nature Hopes"
"Expect Joy"
"Colors of Light"
"Patches of Fall"
"Woodlands Magic"
"Hope Dwells Here"
"A Christmas Story"
"Magic Scroll"
"Red Wrap"
"Patches & Leaves"
"Magic Stars Quilt"
"Imagine New Dreams"
"Hope. Dream. Wonder."
"Holiday Gift"
"Christmas Journey"
"Good Gifts"
"Winter Blue"
"Bringing Light"
"Christmas Star"
"Midnight Journey"
"Christmas Light"
"The Journey"
A Very Special "Christmas Present"
"The Wanderer"
"Imagine Hope"
"Reflections of the Soul" by Folk Artist Teri Embrey - 614-316-7938