Teri Embrey is a self-taught artist with a passion for old world Santas and the wonders of nature.

Drawing inspiration from timeless legends (including St. Nicholas, Merlin, Santa, Father Christmas and more), Teri’s work is a celebration of the spirit at the heart of such legends: the spirit of hope. 

Each new work becomes a unique reflection of that simple spirit, taking on its own quiet personality as she works the wood, revealing gifts “intended for the soul”: a comforting quilt to warm; a favorite old book to nourish; or just a knowing touch from a compassionate friend. 
"Reflections of the Soul" by Folk Artist Teri Embrey
2068-A Stoney Court, Reynoldsburg, OH 43068
teri@teriembrey.com - 614-316-7938

Teri's carvings began as a form of therapy – a way of working through the lingering effects of depression.  “It’s been a journey of rebuilding, from the inside out”, and has enabled her to reach out from within – to find and share her own hopes and dreams as she continues to grow, both personally and as an artist.

"It is that spirit of hope we all need - kindness, compassion and giving - that I try to celebrate through my work.  My work is an important refuge on my life's journey, and when it touches someone else along their own road, mine has been worth every step." 

Teri currently lives and dreams in Reynoldsburg, Ohio. 
Teri’s award-winning work is featured by select galleries and collectible shops throughout the country, and has appeared in national publications, including Better Homes & Gardens’ Santa Collection (Vol. 6); and Carving Magazine (Fall 2005 Cover Artist); and Woodworking for Women.  

"No Greater Gift"
A profile of Teri's life and work by Woodworking for Women
March 2006 issue
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