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Teri Embrey's award-winning woodcarvings are indeed "Reflections of the Soul". 
A self-taught artist with a passion for old world Santas and the magic within nature, Teri's carvings are inspired by these legendary olde souls, stories and myths - whose only limits are our own imaginations.  Each one-of-a-kind carving is a reflection of the eternal spirit at the heart of such legends: the Spirit of Hope.   Using chisels and knives, her unique painting techniques and even fire as her tools, each piece takes on its own quiet personality as she works the wood, revealing gifts “intended for the soul”.      
"It is that spirit of hope we all need - kindness, compassion and giving - that I try to celebrate through my work.  An important refuge on my life's journey, if my work can touch someone else along their own road, mine has been worth every step."
Teri's carvings have won numerous awards 
and are part of a growing number of private collections worldwide.  
Her work is featured by select fine shops & galleries and has appeared in a number of national 
publications, including 
Better Homes & Gardens,  Carving MagazineWoodworking for Women
Christmas 365, and The Quilter's Magazine
"Reflections of the Soul" by Folk Artist Teri Embrey - 614-316-7938

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